Back From Hiatus

It has been too long, my fellow writers and readers and lovers of the craft. Seven whole months after the fiasco with my laptop and losing my writing. I sat back for a while and stopped writing because it hit me hard, and I guess after that I never bothered to write on here again. That is… Until now.

I began to work on Shadows of Imeria again a while ago and have been trudging through the edits slowly. Should have had all of them done already but life tends to get in the way and you lose traction.

I got myself a new job, coaching children things like basketball, soccer, cricket, AFL, and gymnastics along with something called Ninja Gym. I was forced to find a new residence and was days away from having to live on the street, when I found the house I’m currently staying in and I have some really kind roommates. I got myself a wonderful girlfriend who takes up more of my time than I’d like to admit, sorry Nikita.

All in all, the last seven months have worked out for me, but between my new job, applying for houses, spending time getting to know my new partner in crime, and straightening my life back out I haven’t had much time to write or even write a blog post on here. I haven’t even read a single book this year whereas I read over 20 last year.

So onto the end of this update, I plan to write more blog posts, possibly tell you about my writing and my plans for the future, maybe I will give you all some more insight into my writing process and even throw in some things to help budding writers like some of you may be. I can touch the basics when it comes to creating characters, building worlds, some finer points of storytelling, and maybe throw a couple of random things to surprise you all.

Until next time (which will probably be very soon),
Your friendly writer friend, Jhaydun Dinan

Back From Hiatus

New Schedule For 2017

I have decided, in order write longer and more in-depth blog posts, I will start posting weekly instead of every four days. This won’t include the occasional book review posted on the blog. I hope to add more details, explain things more so that there are fewer questions and hopefully bring about much better content.

Along with this, I will try my best to read a new book each fortnight so I can post somewhat frequent reviews.

I hope you all enjoy the content I will bring to your lives in the future.

New Schedule For 2017

Busy Writing Schedule

I’ve been a little busy lately. Now I will only be posting once every four days. I can write more words on my projects if I post less often.

Having worked on SoI (Shadows Of Imeria) a lot, I’ve written another 12,000 words and it’s now up to 52,000 words. That’s over 50% of the word count I will need for my first draft!

My short horror story has gained 800 words or so. Currently at 4,800 words. It’s coming along slower than expected but it’s still coming along nonetheless.

Now you know why I’m not posting as often. Enjoy the rest of your day!

Busy Writing Schedule