Shadows Of Imeria – The Twins

Recently, a pair of twins made it into Imeria. I don’t exactly know where they came from but I already love them dearly.

The people they passed either ignored them or avoided them.

“Don’t mind them. They just don’t trust newcomers.” Carmine grabbed an apple from a nearby stand and bowed to the merchant selling them.
“It’s understandable, people don’t come to the island, only leave.” Carmen grabbed the apple from him and ate the rest greedily.

“What do you think is with the two of them?” Krea whispered loudly into Leon’s ear.

“We, are twins.” They spoke in unison again and wrapped their arms around one another’s backs.

“Well, not the identical kind. Imagine looking like this oaf?” Carmen poked at his cheek.
“I wouldn’t want to look like you either.” Carmine poked her back.

Don’t you just want to squeeze them tightly? That could just be me, who knows.

(Remember, this excerpt is from the first draft, nothing written here is concrete.)

Shadows Of Imeria – The Twins