I’ve talked about how my dreams sometimes enhance my writing, but there is nothing I enjoy more than a good nightmare. I’m not talking about a dream that simply makes you afraid. When I wake up and I’m short of breath and covered in sweat, I write my nightmare out and jump straight back into that world again. If a dream can scare me like that, I think it is worth writing down, even if it doesn’t make sense.

I have died many times in these realistic and horrifying dreams. Sometimes I beat down the nightmares and come out victorious but more often than not, I lose against the evil within those nightmares.

I’ve been hunted by enhanced humans, captured by aliens from other planets, I’ve fought against supernatural enemies that I can’t even see, been in battle against monsters created entirely from my imagination and even had to survive against dinosaurs once or twice. I don’t believe I have ever had a dream that has been better or more exciting than one of my nightmares.

Don’t be afraid of your nightmares, try to draw inspiration, bravery or something positive from each of them. Look at the light rather than staring at the horrifying shadow that it casts. Each and every shadow has some kind of light that can help pick you up, so look for it.

Whether it is to write, draw, paint, craft, build or do something else, what inspires you to create the things that you do?

I’ll go first and tell you things that influence my writing, even if only a little:
Music soothes my souls and really pumps up a scene in my mind.
Dreams and nightmares put my imagination in overdrive and allow me to see things I didn’t see before.
Fictional works such as literature, tv shows, anime and video games all make my brain work harder to create amazing scenes, characters, and worlds.


Dream – Post Apocalyptic

Last night I had a dream. I dreamt of a beautiful and scary post-apocalyptic world ravaged by beings called reapers.

Just imagine that the world was overrun by half human, half machine beings that seek to remove humans from existence. It is more thriller than action and it had my heart pounding when I awoke. It’s rare for a dream to affect my body after I wake so I know it was an interesting one.

I might work on this when I have the time and most of my other works in progress are finished. What do you think about the dream? Do you often have dreams that you would love to recreate through writing?

Dream – Post Apocalyptic