Shadows Of Imeria – Progress February 2017

I remember, last month I said I would not be able to get much done during the next month (this current month). But that wasn’t the case. I have edited, written and made progress with ten different character profiles. After which, each one has turned into their own person and slowly started to change and grow.

With that, I am almost half-way through finishing the character profiles for Shadows of Imeria. There are another 15 to go after that. Some of the things I learned about my characters even shocked me. For instance, a character I saw as a grumpy man turns out to actually be someone who is soft-hearted and adopted two children that he cherishes. But due to his past, he doesn’t let his emotions show.

I have also created and am still working on a document to help with the editing stage with my projects. It has currently reached 44 pages and is almost 30,000 words. It is quite an extensive document that touches on Setting, Hooks, Emotion, Senses, Character Development, Plot, Subtext, Tension, Scene Intentions, Scene Types, Points of View, and Secondary and Minor Characters. When I start editing, it will be an invaluable document.

Shadows Of Imeria – Progress February 2017

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