Emotions While Writing

In my last post I briefly said that my emotions become too much for me sometimes. And although it never happens in real life situations for me, it does while writing.

In my current novel Shadows of Imeria, I had to write a scene that took me four days to write. Each time I went back to it, my eyes became little waterfalls and I could barely see the screen through my tears or press down the keys to my keyboard with how hard I was sobbing.

A similar time was when I wrote a deadly fight scene with a lot of death and murderous intent. It became too much for my mind to handle. It was as though the murderous intent was being absorbed by me and I couldn’t handle it. I went back the next day and finished that one though as it wasn’t so bad the second time around.

The strong scenes that I write every now and then create really strong emotions within me. Emotions strong enough for me to be unable to handle them for very long. I’ll sit back and watch funny videos, dance around like a fool, sing along with my music or clean my house until I feel like I’m back to my normal self. Sometimes I replace all of those with a nice long sleep.

I am a strange one indeed. But name one writer you personally know that isn’t strange.

Emotions While Writing

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