I often get asked, “how do you stay motivated?” And I usually answer, “I just do.”

But that’s not really the case. Not really. I turn my life into something that is made to write.

Someone asks what you are, you tell them you’re a writer. Someone asks what your plans are, you tell them it’s to write. You wake up, you write your dream down. You think of something fantastical in a crowded street, you sit down to write it in your phone. Before you sleep, you think about what you’ve been writing. When you’re reading, you think about how this novel could benefit your writing. When you’re listening to music, you ask yourself whether the music holds meaning that could inspire more writing. You update people on how much progress you’ve made. You let friends know that your passion for writing hasn’t died.

You truly make it your life. That is how you stay motivated.


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