Text Talk

So, when I talk to someone online, I like to spell like I would when writing something in my stories. With words that anyone can understand, whether they know the current “lingo”. It really isn’t hard to type out a whole word and it simply frustrates me when people decide it’s easier to talk to someone like that.

I swear I cannot be the only one who hates people that type to you with all the, IRL, SMH, LOL, LMAO, GR8, etc. Don’t even get me started on people who shorten words because it’s “easier”. It drives me nuts, those who try to talk to me and type like that usually don’t last more than ten messages.

I apologize for anyone who finds this to be offensive or judgmental. I don’t mean for it to offend anyone, I just can’t deal with messages that literally hurt my brain to read.

Text Talk

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