I have a diverse amount knowledge about weapons at my disposal. All from my love of writing.

Katana. Created for the sole purpose of being strong and sharp enough to cut through bone in combat. Japanese in origin and the main weapon used by samurai.

Trebuchet. Originally, trebuchets would have 10-15 humans as the counter weight for the siege weapon. Pulling it back and letting go when commanded to.

Repeater Crossbow. First invented as a Chinese weapon. The repeater crossbow was made around the 4th century B.C and was improved upon significantly a few hundred years into A.D, it held approximately ten bolts and was fairly accurate. Repeater Crossbows revolutionized ranged combat in China and were used up until the 1800’s. At one point in time, larger mounted versions were fashioned for heavier firepower.

Kunai. Some people and popular anime would have you believe that they were a frequently used ninja throwing weapon. But actually, kunai were originally a farming tool. In war times they were further sharpened and used for effective close range combat and for climbing walls or rock faces.

And, even if you want to fantasize about it, men did not have the strength to swing swords that were taller than them.

Some of the information I’ve gathered and stored in my head may never be used in anything other than my writing. But I don’t mind, I feel as though it’s all worth it.


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