Horror Story Sample

So, you’ve heard (read) about my short horror story, but none of you have been able to read any of it. Remember that this is a work in progress and still very much in early development, but here you go.

Screams filled the dark room and bounced off the walls, a child’s screams. But they were not ordinary screams. There was a depth and violence to them that that could only be explained by one thing. This child possessed an unwelcome spirit.

The curtains remained closed and no light shone from behind them. The silhouettes of those in the room could only be seen by the intermittent flicker of a single burning candle. A Buddhist monk stood over a young boy. The purple of his robes contrasted with the pale skin of the child’s arms he held down. Water dripped from the boy onto the futon from being previously soaked with cleansing water. The exits to the room had been hastily pasted with paper seals covered in fine Japanese calligraphy. The characters read “barrier”, and prevented any evil from crossing the thresholds.

The legs of the child were flailing about. Objects in the room were shaking as though the earth was quaking beneath them. This was all just the power of the spirit inside this poor boy. The monk closed his eyes, he held the child down, his stomach being kicked as the child thrashed his legs. Objects from the room were getting hurled at him by forces unknown.

Horror Story Sample

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