Real Life Story – Muggers

One of the scariest things in my life ever happened last night, so try not to be so upset I haven’t posted much. Decided to write about it, maybe it will help me understand it a little better. So, here it is;

After half an hour of walking, ten hours without water and twenty-five hours of sleeplessness my body felt slow and heavy. I turned my body around and walked down the dark, familiar street. After walking part way down the street I was approached by two men seeking help. It happened in what seemed like a flash.

“Hey, turn out your pockets.” A white male in a red hooded jumper revealed a fold out knife as he ordered me to.
“I.. I don’t have anything for you.” I turned out my pockets slowly and carefully, trying not to anger the people who now held my life in their hands.

There was nothing in my pockets but my phone was hidden inside my jumper and I hoped, with all my might that it would not get dislodged and fall out. My heart was racing. I felt sick to my stomach. It both scared and amazed me that people like this were so close to my home. The male in the red hood seemed restless, possibly desperate whereas his friend in a darker hood stood by as a silent observer.

“Look, I won’t tell anyone about this. Let’s just go our separate ways?” I eased back a little and they didn’t say anything.

I turned away from them and began to walk, I hoped I would not feel a knife sink into my back but I didn’t look back. I continued walking until I reached the safety of my abode and called the authorities.

Real Life Story – Muggers

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