Most of the world seems to be obsessed with appearances, the same could be said about readers. Although some people don’t care about how things appear in the world, most do. I am one of the people that see the entire world as a beautiful thing. I’m told it’s a rare, even crazy perspective, but it helps with a lot with certain things.

Reading is one thing it helps with. If a book doesn’t describe something in too much detail,  I’ll still see it within my mind in my own way. I’ll imagine the setup of rooms, cities, the appearance of characters (I guess that’s part of my imagination helping there too). The only time I can’t do this is when the author changes the layout of a room/town/city for no particular reason other than “I forgot.”.

People are another. I won’t judge someone by their looks (Unless their weight is damaging to their health, in which case I feel sorry for them).

So, just remember that the world doesn’t always need to look perfect, everything is beautiful in its own unique way.


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